• Publications

  • The Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of enlightening, informative, and useful print publications. Additionally, our electronic newsletters and text messages help our members stay connected to the Chamber and informed of the latest local business news and information.

    We strongly recommend our members call the Chamber office to “verify before they buy” any ads sold by phone solicitors. (See more information below the QR code.)

    Print Publications

    Advertising in the following print publications is sold exclusively to Chamber members:

    City/County Map – Printed biennially. These popular maps are the most accurate and up-to-date and are included in relocation packets, given to tourists, and used by local and regional citizens and businesses.

    Madisonville-Hopkins County Magazine – Printed annually, these keepsake magazines are distributed free to the public and feature stories about people and places in our community, as well as highlights in education, agriculture, and industry.

    Member Directory – Printed biennially, these directories are distributed to Chamber members and the public as a handy phone book and buyer's guide. The directory is included in relocation packets. Our directory is the ultimate reference to the best and most reputable businesses in Hopkins County.

    Electronic Communications

    Text alerts – The Chamber has partnered with The Messenger newspaper to provide text reminders of Chamber events. Go to www.the-messenger.com/textcaster to sign up. The service is free but charges from your carrier may apply.

    E-mail newsletters - Because the majority of our member communications are sent by e-mail, we are careful about what we send electronically and how we send it. Our members want to know what's happening, but they don't want a flood of mail in their inboxes!

    The Chamber publishes two weekly e-newsletters using Constant Contact. Each has a different purpose.

    Your Monday Chamber Insider features Chamber-specific information, including a calendar of Chamber events and recaps of recent events such as ribbon cuttings and Hot Topic Luncheons as well as annual Chamber events. New and renewing members for the previous week are highlighted. Member events that are not Chamber-related are suited for the Weekly Community Update and are generally not featured in the Monday Chamber Insider.

    The Weekly Community Update is delivered on Thursdays and features the latest news submitted by our members. Chamber members are encouraged to submit the following for inclusion in the Update: events, special sales and promotions, and employee news (such as promotions, new hires, awards, and other kudos). The Update is a great way for our nonprofit/community service organization members to get the word out about their campaigns, volunteer requests, and more. Items must be received by Wednesdays in order to be included in the Update.

    Other e-news communications are sent as needed, including The Wednesday Chamber Report (useful business information) and invitations to register online for upcoming Chamber events. Both are sent through Constant Contact. Occasionally, information that is time-sensitive or targeted to specific members will be sent via ChamberMaster, our database provider.

    For more information about Chamber communications, contact us!

    Click here to subscribe to our Constant Contact communications or use your smartphone to scan the QR code:

    The Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce strongly recommends its members “Verify Before You Buy” when solicitors call to sell ads in their “publications.”

    Every year, we receive multiple reports from members concerning telemarketers who claim to have connections to the Chamber and local businesses. One company has even gone so far as to acquire copies of past Chamber magazines and uses them to sell ads for their less-than-professional publications. Interestingly, this activity seems to increase when we start selling ads for our own publications, which can be confusing for our members.

    How do you know whether these calls are legitimate or scams? The following tips will help keep you – and your money – safe:

    1. When a caller says they are working with the Chamber to sell ads, don’t take their word for it. We will always announce ad sales to our members via the eMarket prior to the beginning of any campaign. Our ad sales are limited to these publications:

    • The biennial Madisonville-Hopkins County Map
    • The biennial Chamber Member Directory and Buyers’ Guide
    • The annual Madisonville-Hopkins County Magazine

    If a solicitor’s sales pitch leaves you feeling uneasy, stop! Don’t purchase an ad right away. Get the name of the company and a phone number, then hang up and call the Chamber office to verify.

    2.  When the Chamber is selling ads you will be personally contacted, and the sales representative will meet with you face-to-face if you request it. We will never pressure you to pay for an ad, sight unseen, over the phone. If we are partnering with a company that is selling advertising, we will notify members through our e-mail newsletters and Facebook. If you receive a sales call and are uncertain about the company, you are encouraged to call us first before agreeing to any purchase. 

    3. Ask for a web address that will allow you to see an online sample of the product. You can then visit the web site – and do web search to see if the company is associated with any scam activity. You may find, once you see the online sample, that the product doesn’t look as good as described by the caller.

    4. Don’t let the telemarketer pressure you into making a quick decision. This is one time when procrastination is a good thing! It’s your money – don’t let someone you don’t know talk you into spending it. Also be wary of unknown callers asking you to ‘renew’ a previous ad – another clue that they have an old Chamber publication and are simply calling our past advertisers!

    5. Do not agree to pay for advertising over the phone using your credit card – especially when it’s your first contact with the solicitor. 

    From time to time, the Chamber sends advertising alerts via e-mail to our members. Typically, we send these out because we have received one or more calls from members inquiring about a company claiming to be affiliated with us. We appreciate it when our members call with such information, and are always happy to pass the warning on to others.

    For questions about the Chamber or ways we can help you realize the most value from your membership investment, please call us at 270-821-3435.