• Chamber Checks

  • Chamber Checks

    Did you know Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce Chamber Checks keep up to $200,000 in retail dollars circulating in the local economy each year? Chamber Checks are a great way to simplify your gift shopping, as the recipient can use the checks at a variety of merchants. When you give Chamber Checks, you're giving variety -- from a tank of gas to a newspaper subscription to a steak dinner!

    Chamber Check FAQs

    1. More than 160 Chamber member businesses honor Chamber Checks. Chamber Checks cannot be used at businesses that are not Chamber members.
    2. The name of the business where the Chamber Check is redeemed should be entered by the merchant in the "pay to the order of" line. Do not enter an individual's name in the "pay to the order of" line.
    3. The person who purchases the Chamber Check pays face value for the checks. The business where the check is redeemed receives the face value of the check when it is deposited in their bank account.
    4. Customers using Chamber Checks should spend at least half the face value of the check on their purchase and should receive change from the merchant for the difference, if any. For example, if a customer presents $40 in Chamber Checks for a purchase of $27.15, the retailer should give the customer $13.85 in change, just as if the customer had presented $40 in cash.
    5. Restaurants should permit customers to include gratutity in their Chamber Check purchase. For example: A customer presents $40 in Chamber Checks for a bill of $28.50, and the customer adds a 15% tip for $4.28, btinging the total to $32.78. The customer should receive $7.22 in change.

    A list of participating businesses and an instruction sheet are included with each purchase of Chamber Checks. We recommend that you take that sheet with you or a printed copy of this page for reference when you are using Chamber Checks.

    If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please call the Chamber at 270-821-3435.

    Please call ahead when placing orders for $400 or more.