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Chamber Checks

Chamber Checks keep up to $200,000 in retail dollars circulating through our local economy each year! A list of participating businesses and instructions are included with each purchase of Chamber Checks. We recommend that you take the sheet with you for reference when you are using the checks.


Where can I use the checks at?
You can use them for retail shopping, grocery shopping, paying bills, restaurants, car repairs, liquor stores, healthcare, hotels, etc. The checks are available for use at more than 200 Chamber businesses - check out the document below for an updated list

How do I order/buy Chamber Checks?
If you plan to buy over $200 worth of checks, please call the Chamber and order at least two days ahead of time. Otherwise, just stop in the Chamber office and tell us how many you would like!

Is tax added when I buy a check?
No, if you buy a Chamber Check, you will pay for the face value of the check. For example: $20 is paid for a $20 check.

As a business owner or employee, how do we accept Chamber Checks?
Chamber Checks are used as cash. However, the customer will need to spend at least 50% of their check in your business in order for you to give the remaining change back. You MUST give change back equal to the difference between the total purchase and the face value of the check. You must NOT process the Chamber Check at an amount greater than the check's face value. For example: If a customer buys $28.64 worth of products and presents a $50.00 Chamber Check, you must give back $21.36 in cash to the customer.

At a restaurant, can I pay the bill and tip with my Chamber Check? 
Yes, add in the tip and pay the total (bill + tip) with your check. Any change must be given back in cash by the restaurant.

Can I use the check after its expiration date? 
No, Chamber Checks have an expiration date of one year. You must use it in that time period, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

As a business, who do I turn Chamber Checks into?
Consider a Chamber Check like a cashier’s check or a gift card, you know the money is there. Simply deposit or cash the check at any bank like regular.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please call the Chamber at 270.821.3435.

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